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Autism and the Disabilities of those with Autism

Autism_Disability_AwarenessAutism is a pervasive developmental disorder of children that is characterized by impaired communication, excessive rigidity and emotional detachment. Autistic children have impaired social interaction along with restricted and repetitive behavior.

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Autism and the Brain

Autism and the Brain

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Autism is thought to be the result of genetics. The genetics of autism are complex and it is unclear whether autism is the result of  multi-gene interactions or by genetic mutation. Autism is also at times associated with agents that cause birth defects. Other probable causes include childhood vaccines, the use of drugs and chemicals by the mother and/or father prior to childbirth, or environmental agents, though there has not been any convincing scientific evidence of these relationships.

About one out of 150 people are autistic, with about four times as many males than females. The amount of people with autism has increased dramatically due to changes in the diagnostics, and the push for early diagnosis in order to assist those with disabilities.

Autism affects many parts of the brain and signs of the disorder are usually visible in the child’s first two years. There is no known cure but early behavioral and cognitive intervention can help children gain self-care, social and communication skills. While the disability community strives for as much independent living as possible for those that are Autistic, many with Autism will always require assistance from others and may never reach full independence. Even though it is a disability, many manage to live independently and some have become successful in the world of business.

Autism Symptoms

Autism Symptoms

The chart on the left shows the signs of autism. Click on the image for a large version. These autistic behaviors will give the parent notice that the child needs to be properly tested and diagnosed. Autism is not distinguished by a single symptom, but by multiple symptoms. Autism’s individual symptoms occur in the general population, so detecting the symptoms requires medical intervention. A full positive diagnosis  must include exhibiting at least six symptoms total, including at least two symptoms of qualitative impairment in social interaction, one symptom of qualitative impairment in communication and one symptom of restricted and repetitive behavior. Remember that an early diagnos is is important.


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